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Making Your New Year's Resolution Stick


It’s that time of year again... the holidays pass in whirlwind of gift-giving, cooking-munching, and wine drinking leaving most of us feeling less than jolly. Our bank accounts are slim, our waistlines have grown, and we’re all dreading going back to work. Regardless of the facts, it’s fun to believe that these woes are what inspired the idea of creating New Years Resolutions. The idea that you can dig yourself out of the New Year slump by creating a list of motivating goals is a positive tradition built into our society. Taking part in setting these goals can be a daunting task in itself—mainly because they are meant to be all year long, but with these tips, tricks, and reminders you will be well on your way to creating attainable, realistic goals for 2016.

Be Realistic

Let’s be honest, we all have high hope end results—but we need to be realistic about the goals we want to help get us there. If you want to lose weight this year, nixing carbs and sugars cold turkey might work for some people, but the other 98% would cave by day two. Try modifying an unrealistic goal by making it one you truly feel like you can achieve. If you say you are going to limit yourself to “no carbs after lunch and no added sugar” that might be more realistic for you to meet your goal.

Make them Your Own

It’s easy to pick “cookie cutter” New Year’s goals as many people want similar things, but making a goal your own will make the journey all the more rewarding.  If you simply want to get healthy, but you hate going to the gym, it doesn’t make sense to torture yourself daily by reluctantly making yourself go. Resolutions are meant to increase your quality of life and happiness, not make you miserable. Instead find an activity you do love and incorporate that into your lifestyle. Hiking, dog walking, or taking a healthy cooking class are all good alternatives that count as getting healthy if you make them a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Create a Plan

Some of your goals will take more planning than others. Some may require time, others just energy—either way they need to be thought out. Writing them down and using a Goal Setting Sheet like in your XO Planner will help map out your journey to success. Achieving your goals may require scheduling some more time out for exercise or other activities so planning ahead will make sure there is no excuse!

Share Your Goals

Although we rely on ourselves for a lot of things, accountability for resolutions shouldn’t be one of them.  Sharing your goals will help you stay motivated to keep them. Tell friends and family your most important goals and encourage them to check in on you. A little friendly competition also never hurt anyone, set fitness health goals with a group or use a fitness tracker to share results with friends.

Keep Your Eye on The Prize

Get your internal fire burning with motivation. Surround yourself with people, places, and things that will motivate you to achieve your goal. Make copies of your list and keep one on your fridge, at your desk, and in your planner. This accessibility will allow you to cross things off, make adjustments, and be a reminder to the steps you still need to complete. Also, keep it fun by decorating with motivational quotes, treating yourself to goal related treats, and rewarding yourself every once in awhile.

Don’t Stop Making Them

Remember, your resolutions don’t have to be set in stone. You can add, or modify as you wish.  First things first, if you run out of motivation—you owe it to yourself to keep trying. If you “fall off the wagon”, get back on!  Recommit yourself and stick it out. Once you achieve your goal, the reward will feel even sweeter!

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