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Daily Habits to Grow as a Professional

I think we can all relate to Peter Pan’s fear of growing up. Fortunately for us, growing up doesn’t mean we stop finding ways to adapt and add to our experiences. As our college years transition to the professional world and then we set our sites on becoming a #GirlBoss, we can work to create a foundation of daily habits that will keep us climbing the ladder of success.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm
Don’t hit the snooze button! It will only make you more tired and less motivated. Although waking up early isn’t an easy habit to cultivate, it will definitely pay off. Think of how many more things you can get done with an extra hour or even fifteen minutes. Getting to work early too may help you get out on time for happy hour!

Pick Up Something and Read!
So many people give up the daily habit of reading after the requirements of college lit class are fulfilled. Reading no longer has to be a chore! Keeping up with world events, pop culture, or even reading the back of a cereal box can help you grow. The things you learn can be great conversation topics or help your next presentation be a slamdunk!

Work Hard, Play Hard
“ A hustlers work is never through—“, but there is a such thing as work/life balance. If you’re destined for success most likely you go hard at everything you do. Don’t climb the ladder of success at the expense of your friendships. Make time to support your friends and just have fun. After all you deserve it!

Network, Network, Network
Never underestimate the power of personal connections. Keep in touch with all the people you meet. You never know when you might need their help, or be able to offer your expertise in some way! Go out of your way to establish connections in your every day life. At the coffee shop, Laundromat, and at the gym—successful people are everywhere!

Find Your Meditation
A couple minutes upon waking and a couple minutes at the end of the day may be all you need to put your mind in focus or at ease. Keeping your level of awareness will allow you to strengthen communication and productivity throughout the day. Meditation doesn’t have to mean “Om”—just think to yourself what motivates you and what you are thankful for!

Never Stop Setting Goals
As you fall into success, don’t stop there. Life is a continuous grind or those that are goal oriented. Never stop setting your sights on higher achievements. Whether that means greater personal happiness, or climbing the corporate ladder, always have your goals in place.

Keep up the Positive Self-Talk
At the end of the day, encourage yourself. You are your own biggest cheerleader. Nothing is more influential on your own personal growth than the thoughts in your head. Talk yourself up-- & never beat yourself down!


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