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Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Bucket List

No matter what age we are, everyone has a list of things they want to do before they die. As morbid as it sounds, creating a “bucket list” of things you want to experience/accomplish can motivate you to seize the day! This list doesn’t have to be created all in one sitting and it definitely doesn’t need to be etched in stone! It should be a flexible, ever-evolving document with the key to a more meaningful life. Here are a few tips/tricks to keep in mind when writing you own!

Do some research. If given all the resources in the world, sometimes it’s hard to spout out our dream adventures at the drop of a hat. Scroll through Pinterest or other inspirational blogs and take a second to think about your life and future and what aspirations you have for yourself. Reviewing other people’s “bucket lists” is also helpful!

Remember, you don’t have to write it all at once! It could take, weeks, months, or forever to truly write/finish your bucket list. Remember—you can have more than one list! You can make a personal list and then even one you want to accomplish with friends or a significant other. As you cross things off, you can add more!

Make sure to hit every area of your life.  Many people jump straight to jet setting and all the places in the world they want to go. Don’t forget about other areas of your life that deserve some attention too! Even spend some time on activities that will help you overcome fears. For example, snorkeling at The Great Barrier Reef is more detailed than simply visiting Australia. Having a purpose (overcoming your fear of open water) in a location you are dreaming to visit will help give that bucket list item a purpose. When you check it off—you will feel even more accomplished!

Be random.  Remember this is your list. That means, all of your quirks should show through! Some of the most interesting lists are the most random. Include things that inspire you or even silly dreams you had as a kid! After all, if you daydreamed about it—it must have some significance to you in your life!

Make some items easier to achieve than others. If all of your goals break the bank or are unrealistic it will be hard to get that satisfaction from checking them off. You can gain some momentum, by checking off some easier items and move on to the bigger items when life permits!

Most importantly—have fun! This idea isn’t meant to be depressing—it’s supposed to be inspiring. Don’t think of it as things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” Think of it as a tool to set your wheels in motion on the path to a more fulfilled life!

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