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Finding Your Creative Space

Finding Your Creative Space

Where does your body go when it needs to recharge? After a long days work, most of us find the path from our front door to our bed a highly anticipated journey.  Just like your body needs to reboot after a long day of work, your mind also deserves the same reprieve!  As creative, constant thinking life planners, our minds can easily get burnt out. It’s important to find a creative space to allow our minds and creativity to rejoice. This creative space can be a physical space or a mental space that allows you to clear your mind to make space for new thoughts and ideas.


Start to think about the things that inspire and uplift you. Ask yourself, what types of spaces/locations give you positive vibes? Keep in mind, these don’t have to be spaces within your home—they could be a local park, the beach, a favorite travel destination.  If you don’t have easy, consistent access to these locations you just need to find a way to incorporate elements into the space you have!


Start collecting! Take a blank space or corner in your home and make it your own! Display your favorite art, quotes, or visuals to provide you with an inspiration source. If space is limited—create an inspiration book. Tear sheets from magazines print out your go to quotes and use this book to trigger your inner creativity in a time of need!

Infuse Some Life

If you can’t get creative outdoors all year round—bring nature to you by including some plants in your space! They are a great energy source and keep the fresh air flowing! If you’re not into overbearing, high maintenance plants, consider a small cactus or succulent that rarely needs attention, but serves it’s  refreshing purpose.

Find Your Mantra

If your traveling and don’t have access to your established space— having a mantra is key.  The idea of a mantra originates from the Hindu or Buddhist practices of “finding a word, or sound to repeat to aid in concentration of meditation.” It’s now grown into a inspirational phrase or really any trigger word to ignite the internal motivation within you. Using a creative mantra or quote to help clear your mind will allow you to keep the creative juices flowing wherever you are! Think about what words of encouragement or motivation have inspired you over the years and incorporate them!

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