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5 Travel Tricks to Not Getting Sick

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Nothing can be worse than finally taking that much needed vacation getaway and having to spend it sick in your hotel bed. The reality is that it’s easy to pick up germs while heading to your destination. Whether you’re on a plane, train or bus we have 5 amazing travel tricks that’ll give you a better chance of dodging that awful unwanted cold.

Hand sanitizer is your new best friend: Having hand sanitizer with you at all times is a must have travel essential and can be a lifesaver when in a pinch. While hot water and soap is the best method of killing germs, this is a good alternative before eating or touching your face.  

Hydrate: I’m not just talking about drinking your H2O, but also hydrating the nasal membranes. It is the gateway to your body making you at high risk of catching something if you aren’t properly hydrated. So be sure to grab a big bottle of water and a hydrated nasal spray for extremely dry conditions.

Wipe Everything: Make sure to bring along some anti-bacterial wipes for the ride. Tray tables and arm rests are chalk full of germs.

Take Your Herbs & Vitamins: Take the Echinacea herb a few days prior to your vacation. It increases the number of white blood cells and can prevent sickness by boosting your immune system. If you don’t already take a daily multivitamin get on it at least a week before leaving.

Stay Stress Free: To prevent getting sick you need to remain in good health mentally and physically. Give yourself enough travel time before departure so you don’t feel rushed. Try some chamomile tea to take the edge off or a hydrating mask that makes you feel relaxed.

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