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It's Never Too Late To Get Organized


Between work, working out, and your busy social life—the only way to stay sane is to keep yourself organized. It may seem dramatic, but nothing is worse than feeling like you’ve lost control of your life by dragging yourself through mundane activities. These five tips will give you the boost you need to set a pattern of organization in your life. In the end, the goal is to maximize the time you have to give yourself more flexibility to do the things you enjoy! Just keep this great mantra in mind as you begin your road to organization– “Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt.

Define what organization means to you

Instead of buying every housekeeping magazine with the headline “How to Get Organized”, create your own definition of what being organized means to you. Whether that means getting control of your calendar of activities, finances, or closet—making the idea personal is what will make the process effective.

Start with your Motivation

After you understand the personal meaning, get to the root of your motivation for making the change. If forgetting your best friends birthday or missing the Louboutin sample sale sent you over the edge—start by tackling your personal calendar. Once you fix your biggest problem, you can begin to chip away at other things that contribute to your disorganization.

Make Lists your BFF

One great habit to have is making lists. Increase your productivity by prioritizing tasks and commitments in list form. Nothing feels better than crossing out the things you accomplish!


Creating lists will also help you visually see unnecessary activities you have in your life. What good does your weekly massage do if the only time you can squeeze it in is on your lunch break? Start with a clean slate– make a list of activities that truly make you happy and build from there. Once you get in the groove, you will be able to juggle more of the things you love without ending up exhausted.

Set Goals for the Future

Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither is a fully organized life. Something always comes up and threatens to dismantle your hard work and healthy habits. Setting goals for the future and developing a system on how to deal with chaos as it arises will help keep you on track!

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