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Declutter Your Life: Minimalism At Its Finest

Declutter Your Life

Today’s society has the habit of clinging to material things. We get sucked into infomercials and cunning advertising that leads us to believe that acquiring more things will help make our lives easier and more efficient. More things = more clutter, more clutter= more stress. This simple equation couldn’t be truer. Sometimes the more things we have the farther away we get from our true selves and what makes us happy. True happiness comes from the relationships we build. If material things like IPads or even too much laundry get in the way of that—some serious reevaluating needs to happen. Here are a few tips to help us evoke our inner minimalist and shed our excess baggage (literally and figuratively.)


First and foremost—go through every room and get rid of any item you haven’t used within the last six months. Eight pairs of black dress pants? -consolidate that to the two pairs you actually wear. There should be no room in your life for unnecessary possessions. Going through a deep cleanse will revitalize the items you have and prepare you for a fresh start!

Keep Yourself In Balance

Don’t fall off the wagon. For every new item you purchase (let’s be honest we all know your not going to stop shopping), get rid of two of your old/similar items. You can even make money off your lightly used fashion at sites like or make charitable donations through your local GoodWill.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Half the clutter that gives us so much stress comes is accumulating in our minds. Bills, rent, taxes—all words that make us cringe. Clean out your desk and create a system to organize your personal documents. Set up automatic withdrawals on as many reoccurring bills as you can. This will take one less time-sensitive commitment off your plate and let you rest a little easier!

Only Make Honest Commitments

No one likes a flake, but someone who reluctantly attends things they don’t want to do is even worse. Be honest with yourself and others. Make a list of the weekly commitments you enjoy and nix the rest. Your friends will understand if you can’t afford weekly brunch—switch to every other week or once a month instead. This will help you value spending time doing things you enjoy.

Guard Your Personal Time Wisely

Don’t forget to pencil in some “me” time. If that means physically mapping out some time in your XO Planner to get a pedicure or watch your favorite Netflix Show, then do it! Having time to yourself is something that doesn’t create clutter! Reduce your other commitments, and say no to non-essential things.


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